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American Knight Comic


AMERICAN KNIGHT is the story of a man who lost the American Dream. Red, white and blue faded into green. Honor and pride were replaced by power and greed. Somewhere along the way, Dwayne "DC" Cooper became the

symbol of everything he despised

and fought against.


Though corruption knows no bounds, it took the blood of an innocent—the blood of a brother—to awaken the dormant spirit within and remind

him who he truly was.


The road to redemption is long and wrought with pain, haunted by demons of one’s own making. This is his chosen path, his quest to regain what he lost so long ago. There will be justice. There will be blood. There will be honor.

There will be... THE AMERICAN KNIGHT!

From everyone at the American Knight Team and Mask & Cape Comics, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who donated to Kickstarter 2016. American Knight #1 would not have been possible without you! 


Written by Jason Fitch  |  Art by Rick Lozano  |  Inks by Scott Shriver  |  Colors by Chris Hebert

Produced by Mask and Cape Comics ©

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