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A Sneak Peek Just for You

Here's a very advanced look at the exclusive poster I created for the 2015 N.E. Geek Expo in Geneva, OH. This expo is an awesome assembly of nerdom, and it's been great to help promote and grow it. Be sure to mark your calendar: the 2015 N.E. Geek Expo is scheduled for Saturday, October 24th at the Spire Institute.

The Expo will have vendors, artists, raffles, a Magic: The Gathering tournament, and of course, a cosplay contest open to all ages. Additional info can be found in the Upcoming Events calendar. If you want more information on their upcoming fundraising events, be sure to check out the EXPO'S FACEBOOK PAGE.

#NEGeekExpo2015 #SpireInstitute #Geneva #NEOhiocomicevents #Promotionalartwork

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