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American Knight Kickstarter 2016

Just wanted to let everyone know that starting today, the American Knight Kickstarter 2.0 will be officially known as the AMERICAN KNIGHT KICKSTARTER 2016. We're saying goodbye to last year's campaign and saying hello to the New Year. With this transition comes many changes from the first Kickstarter, and we're excited to announce some of the things you can expect to see later in April.

Kickstarter 2016 is an overhauled crowdfunding campaign that promises to make up for its predecessor's shortcomings. This new campaign will feature:


Basic rewards return in the form of standard/variation cover arts, digital copies of Issue #1, T-shirts, and posters. New rewards will include a contributor "thank you" page naming everyone who donated; the opportunity to have yourself appear in American Knight #1: Weapons of War; and exclusive hand-sculpted resin busts of Knight (more details and pictures of the models are soon to come).


Not only are we offering new rewards, we've adjusted the donation increments to better suit the rewards/packages being offered to you.


The new Kickstarter will also offer a video preview of Knight in action, new promotional concept art, the ability to view completed panels, and exclusive creator sketches. Some of these artworks will be available to win as contributor rewards through the Kickstarter as well.


A shortcoming of the first Kickstarter was our lack of social media coverage. This time around, Kickstarter 2016 will rely on social media platforms to spread the word and generate more web traffic, and consequently, higher donation rates.

You can stay up-to-date on the latest KICKSTARTER news by visiting the Kickstarter page. I will do my best to stay on top of updates as soon as they develop.

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