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Creators United 2016 Calendar

As of late, I've been working on the Creators United 2016 Calendar. I was tasked with creating the artwork for The Citizen (Punt Press) and Sniper & Rook (Beta 3 Comics), designing the calendar's cover are, as seen below, and assembling the other artists' contributions into the completed calendar format. Now you can keep track of your schedule while enjoying great characters from indie creators!

Creators United is a group of the most talented people in the Independent Comic Book Industry. As a collection of creative minds, Creators United members network, trade ideas, and if possible, create "crossovers" with one another's comic creations.

All of the proceeds from calendar sales will help THE HERO INITIATIVE, a truly wonderful organization that provides support for retired comic book creators and artists who are struggling financially. Although the calendar itself is finished, we're still waiting for it to be made available to buy online. Check back in the next week for more info on how to purchase your own Creators United 2016 Calendar! Don't miss out!

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