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Knight Is Coming... Again!

The new year has finally arrived, and with it comes many new additions to Rick Lozano Art! There's a lot in store for 2016:

- I'll be making repeat appearances at comicons around Ohio (and a few new ones too)

- New hero and villain posters will be available to purchase in the ART STORE

- My secret project will be unveiled in early or mid-February (stay tuned for more details and updates in the coming weeks)

- New images and completed panels from American Knight #1 will be made viewable

- KICKSTARTER planning and preparations are underway and will continue until the launch; we want to be working right up to the last possible second

- American Knight Kickstarter 2.0 will be launching April 15th

Between now and April 15th, I'll be spending even minute of downtime working on projects, commissions, and Kickstarter stuff on top of trying to keep you all updated. My posts might become sporadic. My hair might fall out. I could end up regretting all this a month from now, but I won't rest until AMERICAN KNIGHT is a reality.

I have scheduled an important meeting with my friend, Ryan, to discuss a project timeline in our efforts to keep the American Knight launch on track. Check back in the coming weeks for updates and a more definite deadline schedule.

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