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Top Secret Project Status

For those dedicated few who are interested in my various ongoing projects, I'm happy to say I have an update for you about my top secret project.

My good friend Ryan has been working with me to get the ball rolling and progress has been slow but steady; hopefully, it will be ready by later this month or early March. This project envolves collaboration with Mask & Cape Comics and will be an important part of our media campaign during our lead up to the American Knight Kickstarter 2016 launch in mid April.

The difficulty has been finding time to juggle Kickstarter 2016 and final work on Weapons of War in addition to this. Wish us luck—we're going to need it! And that's all I'm going to say for now! We obviously can't give away too many details because that would ruin the "top secret" element of this project, but I will continue to provide you with tidbits as soon as I find the time to write another post.

Check back in the coming weeks for more updates, photos, and news posts!

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