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Here Come the Cyberines!

Spring has finally arrived in northeast Ohio—thank goodness—and with it comes my latest indie comic assignment: Cyberines #2. As a special guest artist for the title's latest installment, I was given the opportunity to create the artwork for the inside back cover:

Created by Joe Martino, Cyberines follows a "family" of cybernetic marines. These super soldiers are part of the elite United States Cyberine Corps (USCC) whose members are recruited and trained from a young age and then cybernetically enhanced due to an accident or injury incurred in the line of duty.

Some USCC personnel, like Crimson and Caress, possess unique genetic potential and are also pushed to the next step of human evolution with top secret technology that makes them truly super-human. Together, the Cyberines combat the forces of evil and tyranny wherever they rear their ugly heads! Check it out!

#Cyberines #Indiecomicwork

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