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Final Countdown to Kickstarter 2016!

Hey again, everyone! I can barely contain my excitement; I'm proud to announce that KICKSTARTER 2016 IS ALMOST HERE!

The creative team and I have put three years of our blood, sweat and tears into this comic, and at long last, it's finally nearing fruition! AK writer Jason Fitch and I have been working on a short video introduction to the Kickstarter with a little help from my buddies in the graphic arts and cinematography fields. The video will be available to watch on and the Kickstarter 2016 page on my site... once we finish it, that is.

We've set a new launch date for June 27th at midnight; should anything change, of course, I will notify you here. In the meantime, I'll be posting completed artwork and revealing some of the new rewards for KICKSTARTER 2016.


#AmericanKnight #Kickstarter2016 #MaskandCapeComics #Indiecomicwork #fundraiser

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