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Some Bad News for the Site's Art Store

Well, unfortunately I have some bad news for you, my friends—and no, the American Knight Kickstarter 2016 is STILL ON and scheduled to launch two weeks from today.

Sadly, I've had to temporarily deactivate the online art store. As you may have already guessed, selling posters featuring the likenesses of copyrighted characters without the owners' permission is sorta... illegal, shall we say? After doing some more research on the subject, I've come to learn that selling original artwork with a character's likeness is not itself a crime; however, selling them on the internet across state lines is.

While I haven't gotten into any trouble for it, I felt the best course of action would be to preemptively shut down the art store and operate within the law. For the time being, my artwork will be exclusively available for purchase at my convention and guest artist appearances around northeast Ohio.

This does not mean that I will be unable to perform commission work as I did before. I appreciate your understanding on the matter—after all, a man's gotta keep his business legitimate, right? If anything changes, I'll be sure to let you all know. Thank you!


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