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Secret Project Unveiling

It's been a big day for American Knight: the AMERICAN KNIGHT KICKSTARTER is finally up and running, and I'm ready to unveil my top secret project! You remember that little old thing, don't you? Well, here it is! Introducing... AMERICANKNIGHTCOMICS.COM! Your one-stop resource for all things American Knight!

In addition to planning the Kickstarter and working on AK#1, I've also been working with my good friend Ryan Gelsinger to get this new site up and running in time for the Kickstarter launch. On it, you'll find an overview of the character, meet the creative team whose hard work has been invaluable, and get more information on the Kickstarter campaign in general.

As I've been working on American Knight and my main website, I've noticed that American Knight is more of an afterthought, despite my frequent posts and updates on it. To fix this, I wanted to create a website solely dedicated to American Knight and the Kickstarter campaign, where interested donors can visit and learn more about the character and what we're trying to accomplish with the title. If you have a moment, take a look and share the link on your favorite social media. I'll be posting regular updates on the campaign and the progress we've made with AK#1! KNIGHT IS FINALLY COMING!

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