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American Knight Kickstarter Progress Report #5

Hello again, everyone! I have some wonderful news for this Kickstarter status update. Yesterday was a tremendous day for our campaign: eight (awesome) backers helped us reach $1,541.00, which puts us at 61% of our goal!

As such, we're announcing our first stretch goal:

If we reach a total of $3,500.00, everyone who donated at the "Posters Aplenty" pledge amount ($30.00) and up will receive a copy of the AMERICAN KNIGHT SPECIAL CONTENT BOOK. This book will feature a remastered version of the story-line from the AMERICAN KNIGHT PREVIEW ISSUE (originally released at Akron Comicon 2014) as well as THE AMERICAN KNIGHT ART GALLERY.

Follow this LINK TO THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN and donate now to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity! And be sure to share this link on your favorite social media to help spread the word. We need all the support we can get!

I'll be making regular updates on my blog throughout the campaign.

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