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American Knight Kickstarter Progress Report #6

Hello, everyone! Miss me? Well fret not, because I have another Kickstarter status update for all of you! We're a little over a week into the campaign, and here's the stats:

Backers: 57

Donations: $1,775

Percent to goal: 71%

Donations over the past few days have begun to taper off, and it appears we've passed the initial "rush" and have settled into the long haul ahead of us. Follow this LINK TO THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN and donate now and keep the momentum going! And please be sure to share this link on your favorite social media to help spread the word. We need all the support we can get!

I'll be making regular updates on my blog throughout the campaign. THANK YOU AGAIN!

#AmericanKnight #Kickstarter2016 #MaskandCapeComics #Indiecomicwork #fundraiser

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