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American Knight Kickstarter Progress Report #9

Hello again, everyone! I'm back with more awesome Kickstarter updates! We had another amazing fundraising day yesterday, and thanks to a surge of donations, we're now within $200 of our goal! The finish line is finally in sight! We're so close, we can taste it! I'm running out of euphemisms, but I'm too excited to care!

I'd like to send out another "thanks" to the 79 backers who have brought us to this point. Thanks to all of you, American Knight is sooooo close to becoming a reality! It's surreal!

If you've already donated, please be sure to share this LINK TO THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN on social media! We need all the help we can get if we're going to close the remaining gap! THANK YOU AGAIN!

#AmericanKnight #Kickstarter2016 #MaskandCapeComics #Indiecomicwork #fundraiser

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