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American Knight Kickstarter Progress Report #12

Hello again, everyone! I'm back again with another Kickstarter 2016 progress report. After five days of steady donating, and 11 new backers, here are the figures:

Backers: 102

Total raised: $2,928.00

Percent funded: 117%

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated! We have surpassed our initial goal by $428.00 and are now nearing the $3000-mark! LET'S KEEP THIS MOMENTUM GOING! Every additional dollar raised over the next four days will help with production, packing, and shipping of donor rewards, as well as the costs associated with publishing and printing American Knight #1.

If you haven't donated yet, please follow the link below to view the campaign and all of the awesome, exclusive rewards waiting for you! If you've already donated, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude! Please continue to support the effort by sharing the to LINK TO THE KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN on your favorite social media and spread the word!


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