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After a grueling, 30-day fundraiser, I am very proud to announce that the revamped American Knight Kickstarter 2016 was a resounding success! I cannot begin to express my overwhelming gratitude to each and every donor who made this project a reality. It is humbling to know that your support will bring months of planning, designing, and writing for American Knight into reality.

Thank you again to everyone who donated and/or shared the Kickstarter page around social media. Your added support helped us reach more demographics and garner more donations than the previous Kickstarter attempt. It is thanks to all of you that we can consider this campaign to be an amazing success!

At long last, here is our campaign's final stats:

Donors: 111

Total raised: $3,318.00

Percent of goal: 132%

This amount far exceeded our expectations. We had never anticipated much "wiggle room" with our finances, but we are confident that every dollar will help speed the reward and printing processes along substantially. THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!

And now, I can finally say with confidence... KNIGHT IS COMING!

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