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New Deadpool Poster

Through the power of my scanner and Photoshop, I was able to extract Deadpool from my friend's commissioned tattoo design and create a new superhero poster for my repertoire! My offering of superhero and villain posters continues to grow with each year, and everyone's favorite mentally unstable mercenary is a welcome addition to the collection!

The original drawing of Deadpool was created with pencil and then inked in marker, before being scanned and digitally colored. After a few hours of coloring—followed by tweaking with the lighting, shading, and filter effects—I had a finished poster!

Interested in purchasing this image or any of my other art for a friend, relative, or just yourself? Then visit my booth at any of my upcoming 2017 comicon appearances (see the Events calendar on the HOME page for more details). What if you want to commission a piece of your very own? Then check out my commission-pricing guidelines on the CONTACT page and send me a message describing your vision! I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.

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